Why buy a coat from AK Creations?

I have been a part of the sighthound community for over 18 years. Owning sighthounds myself for all those years, and having some excellent customer feedback, I have gained the experience to refine my patterns for a superior fit, accommodating issues that arise with elderly hounds, disabled hounds, very bouncy puppies and anything in-between.
All of the products that I make and sell have been designed by me and if my measuring guide is followed correctly, I am confident of an excellent fit for your hound, no matter how unique they may be.

AK Creations products are fully made to measure

What does 'made to measure' actually mean? At AK Creations it means that I ask you to take a full set of measurements for every product you order (except for the keep cool coats and the hugga shirts) and I will make each item to these specific measurements.
Having products for sale in various sizes is not the same thing.
Over the years I have seen some unusually proportioned pointy hounds and I have been able to accommodate them all.
Over the years I have been making my snuggla coat, I have had to make 107 different patterns. Just for this one style! And 14 years later, I am still making new patterns for it every time a slightly different set of measurements comes in.
So, if you hear someone say 'I can't get a coat big enough for my greyhound' or 'my whippet is a funny shape, coats don't fit him', then send them this way for a fully bespoke service.


AK Creations coats are cut high around the front legs to enable a full range of movement. They are easy to put on and designed to stay in place no matter what.


Quality and attention to detail is extremely important to me. I make every product that I sell, and so therefore I can personally guarantee top quality every single time.


You will find no better choice of colours than at AK Creations. With 35 polar fleece colours and 24 soft shell colours on offer, you can be as creative as you wish when ordering.