About AK Creations

the background

My name is Anja and I run AK Creations which is based in Harwich, Essex and was established in February 2007. I have a creative background in reprographics which spanned over two decades, but it was owning my first greyhound, Jagger, that inspired me to start my own business.

Preparing for life as a dog owner, specifically a greyhound (or any other sighthound) is an exciting time. I did my research after first falling in love with the look of greyhounds, and soon found that due to their delicate skin and lack of body fat, most greyhounds need a coat to keep warm in cold weather - just like you or I. And well, if you have to have a coat, why not make it a perfectly fitted and super-stylish one? And so, AK Creations was born.

From the beginning my wish was to establish a brand - sighthound coats by AK Creations, the coolest houndwear since 2007. The AK Creations dog logo was drawn by me and is based on my first greyhound, Jagger. Using my background as a mac operator, I designed my website and immediately started getting orders not only from within the UK, but from all over the world. Over the years, greyhound coats have remained my speciality, but I also have gained great knowledge and experience with other sighthound breeds, whippets, salukis, galgos and even deerhounds make up a lot of my orders nowadays.

All of the products you see on this website are designed and hand-made by myself. I am constantly striving to find the best quality materials and to give the best choice of colours and designs. Aside from the sewing, I also work hard to develop new products - gratefully receiving feedback from my customers to enable me to do this.

Because I make every item that I sell, I can ensure that the quality is top notch all of the time. If you care to take a look at my facebook page, you will see from the reviews people have been kind enough to leave that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me.

When I am not working, I am busy enjoying life by the seaside with my husband, my two youngest children (the oldest has now flown the nest) and our two lovely hounds, Moe the greyhound and Josey the whippet.

the inspiration and models

JAGGER 2003 - 2017

I was initially inspired by my first greyhound, Jagger who I adopted in 2006 at the age of two and a half. The snaggla coat was named after Jagger's nickname due to her snaggly tooth. We had the pleasure of watching this beautiful lady grow old, saying goodbye to her at the beginning of 2017 at the grand old age of 13. The most gentle soul and the most beautiful model.

DYLAN 2005 - 2019

Dylan joined our family as a companion for Jagger in 2007 at just 18 months old and a nervous wreck of a girl. She required a lot of effort at first, but soon grew into a wonderful, loving pet. It was Dylan who oversaw the most changes in our household, two new human babies, the loss of our beloved Jagger and the addition of two new hounds, Moe and Josey.

moe 2015 - present

After we had to say goodbye to Jagger, we were concerned about Dylan who just seemed lost. So, Moe came to join our family in February 2017. Another girl who had never raced, we immediately fell in love with her and bought her home from the kennels the same day as we took Dylan to meet her. She fitted in perfectly, was really respectful of Dylan and gave new life to our old girl at the end of her days.

josey 2017 - present

I had hankered after a whippet for some time, and was getting nowhere with whippet rescues due to having children under the age of 12. So, in January 2018 we did what we said we would never do - get a puppy! We had a shaky start as Josey needed a life-saving operation only a couple of weeks after joining us, but since recovering, she has been great fun and is a wonderful addition.