How to measure your hound

I cannot stress enough just how important it is that you take your time when measuring your hound. I rely entirely on the measurements you supply. If there is any extra information you think I should know about your hound, please email me - it would also be helpful to see a side on photo of your hound if they are a particularly unusual shape.

Taking the measurements

When taking measurements, please use a flexible dressmakers tape and make sure that the measurements you give me are exact - I will make the necessary allowances needed for a good look and a comfortable fit.

If possible, get someone to help you take the measurements so that you can ensure that your hound is standing in a natural position. If the head is positioned too far down, the back length will be elongated, and if the head is too far up or twisted to one side, the back length could be too short. The head needs to be in a position like the diagram above.

Please take your measurements two or three times to be sure that you are coming up with the same results.

what to measure first and tips to get the correct measurements

CHEST: As most of my coats have a fitted chest panel, the first measurement you should take is the one around the deepest part of the chest. tip - make sure that you do not measure tight behind the front legs as this is not the deepest part. You need to measure about 2 inches back and allow for your hound to breathe out before committing to a final result.

BACK: Once you have measured the deepest part of the chest, lay the tape down the back of your hound. On a greyhound, the measurement should start approx 2 inches up the neck. On a medium sized whippet, this measurement should start 1.5 inches up the neck. Allow the tape to follow the curve of the spine and take the end measurement right over the hump where the tail joins the body (see diagram above). tip - this measurement is the hardest one to get right, so take your time and remember the points above about the head position. On a well proportioned greyhound, the back length will come out the same as, or within an inch of, the deepest part of the chest. On a whippet, the back length will come out either the same as or shorter than the chest measurement, but rarely longer (whippets often have a deeper chest than greyhounds in proportion).

WAIST: The waist measurement should be taken with a fairly slack tape measure to ensure that the fitted chest panel is not too tight at that end.

if you need to measure for the position of a harness hole

To give me the measurements I need to put in a harness hole, please measure from the start of your back length measurement (approx 2 inches up the neck on a greyhound and 1.5 inches up the neck on a whippet) down to where the CENTRE of the harness hole should be. Then, please tell me whether you need the harness hole to go ACROSS the coat or run DOWN THE LENGTH of the coat. Lastly, I will need to know how big this opening is to be.


Please remember that my products are made to measure and to your specific colour choices. I am unable to accept returns unless there is a fault that lies with AK Creations.

The fit of my coats

This photo shows how my coats should fit your hound if you have supplied me with the correct measurements. You can see on this photo that the back length measurement you supply will be the same as the length of the main part of the coat (imagine the yellow line moved down to start at the neck seam, you will see that the end of the yellow line would then be at the end of the coat).

If you have any queries at all regarding the measuring process, please do not hesitate to contact me before ordering. If you live close enough, I am always happy to arrange a time for you to bring your hound to me so that I can measure for you. We have a lovely beach just down the road from us if you fancy making a day of it.