I cannot stress enough how important it is that you take your time when measuring your hound for one of my coats. I rely entirely on the measurements you supply and only the correct measurements will guarantee a superb fit.

It's really important when measuring the back length that your hound is in a standing position and with their head in a natural, 'looking straight forward' position - see below

The back length measurement is the trickiest one to take - if at all possible, get someone to help you, they can give treats to keep your hound's head in a good position and to keep them standing still. Take the back length measurement AT LEAST 3 times to be sure.

TOP TIP - I like to measure the deepest part of the chest before the back length - this is because it gives a good indication of what the back length should be. On a greyhound of normal proportions, the chest measurement is usually the same as (or within an inch of) the back length when measured from the points indicated on my diagram above. For a whippet, it is slightly different - the chest measurement is usually bigger than the back length measurement by 1-2 inches.

Please take a look below at the start and end points for taking the back length measurement:


taking the measurements

When taking the measurements, always use a flexible dressmakers tape and make sure that the measurements you give me are exact - I will make the necessary allowances needed for a great look and a comfortable fit.

the chest measurement: make sure that you are measuring the very deepest part of the chest - not right behind the front legs, but a bit further back. Allow your hound to breathe out comfortably, but do not allow the tape to become too loose.

the waist measurement: the waist measurement should be taken with a slightly slack tape measure to ensure the chest panel is not too tight at that end.

if you need to measure for the position of a harness hole

If you require a harness hole in the coat, please measure the chest both with and without the harness being worn.

To give me the measurements I need to put in a harness hole, please measure from the start of your back length measurement (approx 2 inches up the neck on a greyhound and 1.5 inches up the neck on a whippet) down to where the CENTRE of the harness hole should be. Then, please tell me whether you need the harness hole to go ACROSS the coat or run DOWN THE LENGTH of the coat. Lastly, I will need to know how big this opening is to be. It is also useful to know what brand of harness that you are using.

the fit of an ak creations coat

the fit of my coats

These photos show how my coats should fit your hound if you have supplied me with the correct measurements. 

From the seam that joins the collar or hood to the main body of the coat to the back end, the coat will measure the same as the back length measurement you have given me. So on a greyhound coat, this means that the coat will finish at least 2" beyond the 'hump' of the tail and on a whippet coat this will be at least 1.5" (depending on the style of coat you have ordered). 

You can see on the photo opposite that if you imagine moving the yellow line down to the start of the neck seam, the end of the yellow line would then be at the end of the coat.

Please remember that my products are made to measure and to your specific colour choices. I am unable to accept returns unless there is a fault that lies with AK Creations.

If you have any queries at all regarding the measuring process, please do not hesitate to contact me before ordering.

If you wish to send photos of you measuring your hound for me to check, then please do so.

If you live close enough, I am always happy to arrange a time for you to bring your hound to me so that I can measure for you. We have a lovely beach just down the road from us if you fancy making a day of it.